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I just got Toast 12 and very disappointed in the DVD quality on standard disk burns. I've looked and looked at my settings to figure out what's wrong.


I'm exporting a 30 minute video in H.264 and that file of 14 gb goes to 2.5 gb in Toast and burns a horrible quality disk. I've changed settings to progressive, best, and am now exporting an M2v straight from Premiere Pro.


I don't know what else to do and the client is expecting quality. I'm almost sorry I went with Toast :(


Anyone know how to help?


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Has Toast 12 simply given up on standard dvd? I've burned a 30 min. export as H.264 and tried a m2v. Both look HORRIBLE. I can't show this to a client and must do standard.


Anyone have a troubleshooting idea?

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Well, a few questions. What are you using to play the DVD? What are you watching it on? A standard DVD has the resolution of 720x480. That's the standard, and you can't change that. If you're starting with an HD piece of video (which I suspect you are) then the resolution will be reduced to 720x480. If you're playing a DVD using a DVD player, on a large HD screen, it will indeed look pixelated.


If you want HD quality, you have to burn to an HD format. This can be done to a DVD, which will hold about 40 minutes, if I recall, but then you must play it using a Blu-Ray player.


One other thing, playing a DVD on a blu-ray player that does HD up-sampling does make it look better.


So, again, if you're creating a standard DVD, don't expect HD quality.


I'm on the PC side, so I don't run Toast and can't give you specifics about how to do it in Toast, but the formats (and their limitations) are the same.


Hope that helps.

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