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Watch Tv With Roxio Usb



Before I begin, I understand this isn't the best subforum for this topic, but all others are software-specific - none of which help. My apologies to the admins, please move this topic to the appropriate subforum if necessary.


This is what I'm trying to do:

What: Play XBOX & PS2 on laptop

Why: Broke student with no physical TV

Using: Roxio VidCap USB UB315-E v3

Running: Win7 64-bit


Got my hands on a retail copy of Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition from a family member who never opened it. I installed the entire software package only to realize there's no "Viewing" software. Software that would allow me to simply view the analog signal hooked up to the S-video/Composite plug. It doesn't exist. However, using VHS to DVD I was able to see a preview of what I wanted - so that was proof-of-concept.


I uninstalled everything, restarted, and manually installed the drivers (extract contents of "D:\VIDEOCAP_USB_X64\Data1.cab", point Windows to extracted folder). I then switched to VLC Media Player and opened the Roxio USB as a Capturing Device:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -vvv --video-filter="deinterlace" dshow:// --dshow-vdev="Roxio Video Capture USB" --dshow-adev="Line (USB 2861 Device)" --dshow-chroma=YUY2 --dshow-size=640x480 --dshow-aspect-ratio=4\:3 --dshow-caching=0


Everything seams to work, audio & video, but there is a bit of controller-input lag. The audio & video are in-sync with themselves, but if I push a button on the PlayStation controller, there is a slight delay until VLC shows the change/action. I have tried disabling the deinterlace option and set both live-caching and dshow-caching to zero - nothing makes it 100% perfect.


I remember the image quality inside VHS to DVD being much worse, but I couldn't recall if the controller-input lag was present. So, I re-installed everything.

Long behold, there's no lag inside VHS to DVD. :angry2:


So something, either Windows or VLC, is causing this lag. It's most likely a setting inside VLC - something isn't perfectly ideal for this capture card. I have tried all the capture input settings: VideoChroma: YUY2, VidStandard: NTSC_M, ect.


Has anyone encountered this problem, and/or has any ideas how to approach a fix?


Thank you!



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Bad news first - it will never work to your satisfaction!!!


It was never intended to be a 'Playback' device its' only purpose in life is to Record...


Even the RoxioGameCAP's (Reg & HD) cannot do what you want, act a monitor without delay.


As I understand you, all you really want to do is use your Laptop screen at a Gaming Monitor while you play a console game. I don't know how to do that but if you search YouTube for 'Laptop as PS3 Monitor' I think you will find what you need ;)

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