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Help Making Dvd Audiobooks From Tapes Or Cd

books to dvd

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I have massive book on tape and lots of many cds during years of driving (USDA cars did not have radio or air until mid 90's) and I have tried but failed to make even bought cd books into long play dvd on my home system. Also the creeps at Audible do NOT make it so I can run their junk into either CD or DVD to play -my dvd player said nothing is there when I turn on the TV and try to read why any discs I can see are burned do not read. So I will have to try and fix my old tapes-some are pretty wowy from being used and stretched or sometimes unwinding miles of tape from a spindle wrap.


No arriving cargo planes ran in daylight -only pax, so try unjamming at 2 AM in a rest stop. I had YEARS of pre homeland drives from 90-180 miles, sometimes to 7 days per, and burned out lots of tape machines. Now retired, Ihot wired a dvd player to ear buds and converter so I will be able to book across Kansas (5 hr runs insted of 2 or 3) and this is getting me really angry fighting this through a nero, and two Roxios programs.

  • Roxio Creator LE
  • Roxio Creator NXT


I have dells, the last roxio is on the 2007 Vista but I have a newer laptop with Windows 7 and old samsung DVD burner to hook into their ports. My Memorex fried in this attempt.


I tried to do the http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/rip-music-from-cd#rip-music-from-cd=windows-vista


and got data things not working and looked at but didn't try http://www.wav-mp3.com/convert-cda-to-mp3.htm


Can we figure out a program way where I can stick my CD discs into the dell and auto burn to MP3 dvd's in the samsung? This ought to be a fast AUDIOBOOK CONVERSION to Home Theater player button. PLEASE consider that my audiobooks that are IN cd's are from 5 to 12 discs each!

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There are restrictions with the Audible user agreement you folks agree to.


You can burn an audibook to a CD only one time. With Audible you can download to the computer, stream, or burn to a CD. You can also download or transfer to any Audible ready device such as a smartphone, tablet, iPod, Kindle, or any other compatible mp3 player.


And you can download your audiobooks on up to 4 computers/laptops and 3 devices PER type of device.

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