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I use a HD PRO and I recently have been having some problems with it. It is giving me a green "No Signal" light when I go to record my game as if my cable isn't in. Now I do have all the updates that the software permits as well as making sure the cables are in properly. I can see the game on my TV screen just fine. But I cant see it or record it on laptop. I use a Windows 8 laptop which ive recorded and uploaded from before 90% of my recording has been on my ne laptop. It just started doing this maybe a month ago id estimate. I hope you can figure out a solution please help!

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Green 'No Signal' mean that the Device IS NOT being seen by the Software.


The problem is


your USB port


your USB cable


the USB port of the RGC...


All you have to do is find out which one and fix it ;)


Edit: There is one other way but you said it was working before so this should not apply, none the less... HERE

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