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Where To Start? (Split)



Help, I'm new at this, very confused, and a little slow. I created a PPT (with embedded audio) and saved it as MP4. I want to convert this to a DVD that can be played on a standard dvd player. Roxio tech told me that I needed to use Roxio Easy CD and DVD burner, so I bought it. I cannot make heads or tails of the program when I try to create or burn something. I get a blue starlit background and a checkerboard. When the program tells me that I have loaded my presentation and I preview it or try to burn it ..... all I have is the same background, the checkerboard, and it's playing some funky elevator music. I've tried several different ways to contact Roxio Support, but I was referred to this site. What I need is VERY basic, step by step, tell-me-every-single-move-that-I-need-to-make and tell me every single thing I need to click ou instructions to make it through. I would really appreciate any help you can give an old man to help me cross over into the cyber age. Thanks very much. BBBauer

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To anser your first question - where to start, and to answer a lot of questions without a lot of Q&A, peruse the users guide for the product. Read this and then go to the guide for your program.

After you get some background, please come back and ask any questions that were not answered.


Checkerboard patterns usually mean that the item is transparent. It may be that the mp4 file is not properly recognized. How did you make it?


Unless you are over 80, you would not be consider an old man on this forum !


Happy Holidays, please come back.

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