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Audio Capture Fail To Initiate



Easy Audio Capture gives this message when initiating Record: "There is not enough free space on the selected destination to continue."


Doesn't make any difference where the folder destnation is or what drive is being used.


There is 1400GB free space on the hard drive.


Tried all the options from the software and even did a clean uninstall/reinstall.


All system and other software working properly.



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I have only one account on the computer and it has administrator privileges.


This is a downloaded version and was installed about a year or so ago. I went to use this feature for stream recording; that's when I found the problem and after not being able to resolve it I did the clean uninstall/install.


Since I have administrator privileges on this account, does one also need to click on install with administrator privileges too when installing? If so I may need to uninstall and reinstall again.


Thanks for your help.

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You shouldn't have to but it can not hurt anything :D


I would do the Repair one time to see if it clears up...


Make Sure you have turned off any Anti Virus and/or Firewalls before you make the attempt!!!


If it still gives you issues, describe, step by step, everything you are doing so we can try to duplicate it.

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I went through what you said doing a repair selecting install as administrator with the same results.

Last night I uninstalled as clean as possible then selected install as administrator resulting in the same problem.


In Capture Audio from Sound Card I noted trying different things everything reverts back to default after clicking OK


The same message is given as before "There is not enough free space on the selected destination to continue."


I disabled all the Internet Security features and disconnected from the Internet for safety during the install. I did briefly reconnect for an update request.


All the installs have went without any hitches and I'm really puzzled.


I've use Roxio for for longer than I can remember and have never had this problem before. Recording streaming from different sources is one of the best and versatile features of Roxio.


Using win7 pro 6gb mem, 2.8g i7, 2tb raid0 drive, ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Graphics, & all the drivers are up to date

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I have already went through a thorough cleanup of everything I can think of.


I've found some alternate software to do what I was wanting to do so guess I'll just not be able to use Roxio for this work. I like roxio better for this though.


Thanks for the help maybe one of these days I'll find something which will fix the problem.

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