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No Sound On My Computer Headphones.



in my last thread i had a problem that i have no sound on my captures but i purchase mini-hdmi to hdmi cable that fixed that.

now the roxio capture is set to be my computer default sound speaker and i hear only sound from my screen speakers but no sound from my headphones anymore.

somebody can help?!

here are my connections:


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It would be nice but it is HARDWARE ;)

my problem is the computer sees game capture as a speakers device. this is total software.

the solution is updated software capture driver that will record computer sound from main computer output no matter what it is.

right now it takes audio from STEREO MIX but not all the computers (and soundcards) doesnt have stereo mix.

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anyway. i found a software that deliver SOUND to TWO diffrent devices so i send sound to roxio and also my speakers.


I hope ROXIO GAME CAPTURE will update their driver so the game capture will not set itself as a speakers device but receive its sound from the computer main output no matter what it is.

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Nice drawing. Where are you plugging in your headphones?


My wild guess is that you will have to find a setting in your sounds to enable both the HDMI audio output and the headphone output.

i dont know how to find that setup

i think that my problem is driver. my roxio capture card is listed as High Definition Audio Device




i read that in the FAQ page that i need stereo mix and i dont have stereo mix at all


I don't have sound in my videos.


The Roxio PC Game Capture client records sound from your sound card's "Stereo Mix" Device. There are several reasons that your videos would not have sound:

  • Your sound card does not have a Stereo Mix or equivalent (Sometimes called "What U Hear") device. This is controlled by your sound card drivers. Many times the device will be added by updating your sound card drivers, which can be found for free on your sound card manufacturer's website.
  • Your stereo mix is not outputting any sound. The Roxio PC Game Capture client should set Stereo Mix to the default output, but if it doesn't you can manually enable it in your sound device's control panel

  • .

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You didn't answer the previous question about where you have your headphones plugged in.


Next question, you apparently have sound coming out of your TV speakers, do you also have sound coming out of your gaming computer speakers? If so, you can plug your headphones in there.

this is the situation. my roxio game capture is listed as SPEAKER so right now i have two outputs for sound. 1) my headphones 2) roxio game capture


if i choose roxio it will record my sound but i cannot hear the sound when i play

if i choose my headphones roxio game capture will not record my sound because the sound goes to my headphones.

this is my problem.

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All capturing is done in the hardware...


The USB connection/stream to your PC can only be saved or streamed but not modified!

could you explain me than why i dont get sound to my capture card?

connection on first comment.

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