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Some Problem - Split From Hijacked, 2 Year Old Topic



Hi. After several years of more or less successfully using Creator 2012 Pro, I just hit this error trying to convert a single file from TiVo format to an ISO Image using MyDVD. The input is a single 6.3 Gb TiVo file; the menu itself contains only a name for the disk and a name for that one file plus the hard-to-get-rid of default music. The error occurred after a fairly slow conversion process menu showed successful encoding of the movie and successful encoding of the menu. The partially-complete image file is slightly under 6.6 Gb. Recording was done in "fit to disk" mode; "E[L]P" showed on the MyDVD menu as somewhat shorter/smaller. The original recording is 4:30 hours long and was _not_ in HD.


My usual practice is to record several short TiVo programs onto one DL disk image, using EP (most of these recordings are for content, not video quality). When doing that, I routinely get eleven 30 minute programs (that is 5 1/2 hours, much more than 4 1/2) onto a single DL disk with all of the menu sequences that implies, and generally have had no problems. That worked correctly for several disks earlier today and has been working for years.


Because this was only a single long input file, I decided to try to use the convert function as has been suggested by Sonic/ Roxio staff in the past. It took several hours to get to a supposed 85% complete, then froze completely -- no further progress after a 90 minute wait, no error message, no other information. The TiVo format input file will play all the way through with Windows Media Player. Since I've found Windows Media Player to be fairly sensitive to bad data, the problem is presumably not the input file.


And, no, the file does not have DRM issues. If it did, the TiVo Desktop/ sharing software wouldn't copy it and I'd expect a message to that effect, not a complaint about recording menus.


This seems like a nasty bug to me. If the file won't fit on a DL DVD image, the various Creator pieces should produce an reasonable error message during the scan they obviously make of the movie or, at worst, during movie encoding, not an apparently-bogus message about menu recording (from the figures above, there should be somewhat over 2Gb available for menus and related information on the disk, so that shouldn't be the issue). In "Fit to Disk" mode, the program ought to be able to figure out what fits or generate a "too big" indication, not do this.


Suggestions about workarounds would be appreciated. Drivers are up to date. Creator 2012 is being run on a Win 7 Pro 64 machine with, IIR, 12 Gb of main memory if that is relevant.


FWIW, I would upgrade to Creator Nxt 3 in a second if I had any reason to believe that these sorts of problems had been fixed. But I saw (and reported) similar problems with several prior versions of what is now Creator from about the time TiVo cut their exclusive deal with Sonic and indeed bought Creator 2012 because I was told that these things had been cleaned up considerably from Creator 10. I have not been able to find a published list of bugs fixed for any version of Creator in the last several years and my experience has been that new versions of the software add features I will never use but don't fix old, known, problems. I had hoped that Corel would clean this mess up, but, so far, no luck. From my point of view, buying a new version (at the rather high price of Creator Nxt Pro) in the hope that a bug will be fixed constitutes rewarding bad behavior given the historical pattern.


Also FWIW and in proactive response to the observation that folks here have been at this for many years, I've been using the direct predecessors of what is now Creator since it was an Adaptec product sold in conjunction with their early SCSI gear, long before Sonic, much less Corel, became involved.


thanks in advance for any constructive suggestions.

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