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No Preview On Software Or On Tv

Curtis Orford


So I got the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro for Christmas and was pretty stoked to record on my Xbox One. But I've set it all up, software and hardware, and the 'no signal' is in red which means it recognizes the hardware but is getting no signal. But after trawling the internet, I can't find anyone with the same problem. I've tried other HDMI leads, the lot. Also, when I started to wiggle the HDMI IN on the Roxio, I noticed the image changing, and when I pushed it in harder, the image became stronger, although not 100%. I've tried uninstalling the software, and I think it keeps pointing towards a hardware malfunction.


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He may get banned before he gets it resolved :lol:




Curtis: Your picture shows a red, No Signal'. That means just what it says!


You do not have a valid signal reaching your RGC. But since it is RED it means your RGC is being recognized by the computer and is OK.


But you say you have an HDMI connected yet you have it set to Component and that will never work!!!


Set it to HDMI and make sure you have your gamebox SET for a specific output and not left to Automatic ;)


What is your gamebox anyway?

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