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Opening Rcl Files



I just upgraded from Creator 2011 to Creator NXT3 in hopes of being able to open several RCL files created by Creator 2011. They STILL won't open and the are really important pictures. I get an error message "This trial version has expired." Well, I was not using a trial version and I have just upgraded and I still get the same error message. Please help me!!!

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.RCL files are project files saved by Creator Classic.


Creator Classic, a wonderful program, was discontinued after Creator 2012 for reasons we users haven't been able to discover.

There is no Creator Classic in any of the Creator NXT iterations, therefore there is no program in the NXT suites which can open your .RCL files.




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When I installed the newest version, it uninstalled all previous versions which for me was 2011. However, I was NOT able to open these files with 2011 either. I received the same error message. My version was working because I had just burned several disks with no problems, but then, after Christmas, the 2011 version was not working. Its like it became deactivated or something and the drag and drop icon was gone as well.

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Sorry for my absence. I've been offline working with Creator 2011 and Creator 2012 so I can check any changes to the structure of their .RCL files. Roxio is not noted for version compatibility of its various save files.


I'm back now, and there are several points we need to cover:

[1] Creator Classic in C2012 will open and use .RCL files from C2011. [This is unusual, but there were no changes in the Creator Classic data disc save routines between C2011 and C2012.] However a copy of Creator 2012 won't solve your problem here.


[2] You mention 'trial version' and the 'drag and drop icon'. Creator 2011 never had these. They come from Easy Media Creator 9.[EMC 9]


[3] You say that NXT3 uninstalled your C2011, but you still get the 'trial version' error message so it seems that at least part of EMC 9 must still be in there.


[4] You refer to 'really important pictures' which you want to get open.



Cause of the problem?

It seems to me that either something/someone installed EMC 9 on your system around Christmas time and it tangled with your C2011 and broke everything


EMC 9 was installed earlier and had somehow been co-existing with C2011 until around Christmas, when it finally got tangled and broke everything. An indication of how long EMC 9 has been there is When did you first see the drag and drop icon?




To get a Creator working properly you will have to clean out all three versions of the Creator stuff, reboot, and then install one version. [you choose]. To do that, you'll need an installer disc or download for the version you've chosen. Do you have that disc/download?


Important side issue

You're worried about these important pictures. You need to know that a saved .RCL project file doesn't contain the pictures or whatever you wanted to put on a data disc. It's only a list of actions that Creator Classic should do, and it lists the names and locations of those pictures or other data. For a saved project to work, the data must still be at their original location(s).


What this means for you is that you should still be able to go and find your pictures in their original locations, and open them without needing Roxio Creator - as long as you didn't delete them after saving the .RCL file. [if you did delete them, they are gone from your hard drive, I'm afraid.]




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