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Out Of Range On My Tv (Everything Else Seems To Work)



I got a Roxio HD Game Capture Set for Christmas a year back. I just started to use it now (with my new PS4) and am having trouble when setting it up. I've lost the manual so I've been setting it up through tutorials and such on websites. I can see the screen when clicking capture on my laptop. Though my TV Monitor has Out of Range, no matter what I attempt to do.


This wouldn't be a problem accept the timing between clicking the buttons on my controller and it showing on my pc taking a delayed time.


Is there a way to fix this? I'm not a computer expert I'm actually a computer noob so I don't understand much about what I'm supposed to be doing. So in that sense would like to be told how to do it right in basic sense for me.



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"Out of range" is a message a TV / PC monitor gives when the signal is get this... out of range.


However, "range" is not a term used to describe distance, as one would expect. It usually happens when the resolution output is beyond the specs of the device.


The sony website can explain how to tweak the settings.

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HDMI is the wire I've got plugged in to my TV.


Also I had already attempted what I am finding on Sony's support site and none of it has worked.


More info is that my TV make is Ferguson and this is actually the first time I've used it HD wise. Also when plugging out my Roxio and setting the PS4 without Roxio it works fine.

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One more piece of information, since your TV works okay without the Roxio Game Capture device in the stream, then it's possible that your TV does not support HDCP (copy protection), which the RGC HD Pro adds to the signal. That would be the difference in the signal with and without the RGC device in the signal path.


One solution would be an HDMI splitter before the RGC HD Pro, then an HDMI cable from the splitter into the RGC HD Pro, and another to the TV (not going through the RGC HD Pro).


Hope that helps.

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