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Data Dvds - 106-Character Limit For File Names



I currently run Roxio Creator 2012 Pro in Windows 7, and I want to burn data DVDs to store photo files. Most of my files have file names with more than 106 characters, and I don't want the inconvenience of having to substantially shorten them all. There are thousands.


Earlier Roxio products (e.g. Roxio 7) gave me no trouble burning DVDs with files having longer names.


For burning a data DVD, the program appears to provide the file system option ISO Level 2 (212 character file names). But when I try to burn the Data DVD with this setting, Roxio rejects all files with names over 106 characters in length. For each rejected file, an error message reads "Name too long 106 characters maximum".


Can anyone tell me how to overcome this 106-character limit?


Any help appreciated.



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Hi Jim:


I tried burning files in a "New Folder" created on the C drive, but only files with a total length of 106 characters or less were cleared for burning to DVD.


As far as I can tell, my version of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro only has the Burn Data Disk option. I cannot find Creator Classic in the program.


Since I was becoming pessimistic that there would be a solution, I looked around for other data DVD burning software. I found that I could burn the DVDs perfectly in ImageBurn.


That is not my preferred choice, but it worked. ImageBurn allowed me to select the UDF setting without a bridge. As I said in an earlier post, I did not have this problem with Roxio Creator 7, which I used or 8 years.


Thanks for all your help.



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As far as I can tell, my version of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro only has the Burn Data Disk option. I cannot find Creator Classic in the program.




You should be able to get to it from the Main page. It's labeled Burn Data Disc - Advanced [doesn't say Creator Classic ;) ]



With it opened, then go to File -> Project settings and try changing it there and see if that works for you


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Thanks to everyone for your replies.


I found "Burn Data Disk - Advanced" under the Data Copy tab on the Home Page.


The available settings did allow more flexibility - up to 128 characters in a file path, plus the program automatically shortened all the other captions. Surprisingly few captions were affected, so I consider the resulting test DVD largely a success.


I was able to select the UDF setting, but their was no setting option to avoid using a bridge. I used ISO9660 bridge rather than Joliet bridge.


Again thanks for your help. I take the point that it would help to use shorter file naming conventions.



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Hi Jim and Cdanteek:


I am attaching five jpeg files. The longest file name (including full path) has less than 200 characters.


The specifi file name in each case is preceded by the following path information - C:\2014 UK_Ireland Gill Photos\2014-08-28 Edinburgh-Inverness\


Hoefully you can help me to find a way to burn these files to DVD in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro.








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Nice pictures! Guessing they were not taken in BC?


Here is an easy test:


New Folder in the Root of your HDD

(c:\New Folder\)


Copy some of the pictures that will not work to that folder


See if they will work now


Also, Creator 2012 has 2 different Data burning programs. One is Burn Data Disc and the other is Creator Classic (burn data disc - Advanced)...


Which one are you using?


Update: As near as I can tell neither one will work with any file name in excess of 106 (BDD) or 123 (CC) :huh:


I have one more thing to try but I do not recommend it as a solution even if it does work :lol:


I am curious is anyone has an older version of CC installed as it should be able to do in the 200+ range when set to UDF...

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