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Toast 12 Titanium Refuses To Allow Bd-R Burning



Bought an LG BE14NU40 burner to archive data to Blu-ray M-Discs. Bought Toast 12 Titanium to drive it. I've used Toast before and would have preferred any other product, but as far as I could tell nothing else qualified for what I want to do. Guess I should've done more research.


But I digress. I was actually able to burn and verify fifteen BD-R's. A month or so passed, and I needed to burn another.


I can't do so. When I try, with a BD-R in the tray, the only choices Toast gives me are CD, DVD and DVD DL. What's especially galling is that Toast knows the burner is set up for BD-R; if I use Settings to check the specs, it says the current profile is "BD-R Sequential Recording," and BD Read, BD Write are supported.


What changed during that month? Beats me. Of course I've tried reinstalling, deleting preferences, etc. Nothing. It occurs to me that my copy of Toast may have forgotten I'm a paying customer, and defaulted to some limited-tryout mode. But I can't find any place in the menus to enter my registration key.


Have spent most of a day trying various solutions; no joy. I'm getting old and don't want to waste more of my few remaining hours on this. If anybody has a clue, or knows of alternative burning software, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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Toast doesn't have a trial mode and there is nothing extra that needs to be done to support Blu-ray disc data burning. When Toast gets confused about space available on discs it is due to corrupted preference files. But your situation is different and you already replaced the preferences. Have you reinstalled Toast (from the download available on Roxio's software updates page)? There is no reason I can think of that it isn't working for you since Toast sees the drive.

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Thanks, Tsantee. I did reinstall. Tried zapping all the Toast files and starting over. (They seem not to provide an uninstaller.) Tried the new update. No luck.


Oh well. Luckily I have an old XP laptop. Downloaded a free XP disc-burning utility, plugged in the LG burner, and was able to burn a BD-R with no trouble. Slow but sure.


Dividing functionality by cost, I get 0 for Toast and ∞ for CDBurnerXP.

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