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Issues Regarding " Capturing"

Saad Drakee


Hi guys.It's my first time posting my issues regarding RGC HD PRO which I've been facing for a while now and they

Only seem to be increasing as I often try to use my deivce for capturing.I purchased this device about 2 months ago and for the

First month,it worked perfefctly fine allowing me to record gameplays without any issues.But then it started giving me some issues

but they seemed to fix after I unplug and replug the device but now none of that works.The issues are " Capture deivce

Has been lost","No signal" and before receiving these errors I hear a USB disconnection sound and then My laptop screen

turns blue and it gives me this blue screen error" APC_INDEX_MISMATCH" or "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE".

After restarting my PC and removing USB cable and reconnecting for like 8-9 times it let me capture for about 1 minute or 2

minute and then it start giving the same USB connection/disconnection sounds and blue sreen errors "APC_INDEX_MISMATCH" or " KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE".


I feel like I've wasted my money on the device and I'm disappointed.


Some Points to consider:


-All My cables are perfectly fine.

-My software is also up-to-date.

-I've already done proper repair,re-installing the software after uninstalling it.

-All my USB drivers and windows drivers are up-to-date and I've checked it already before posting it.

-As I get the errors,my TV screen turns black for 2 seconds and then it returns to normal and I hear the sound

and see the gameplay on my TV screen perfectly fine and it let me continue to play but doesn't ever let me

capture.Sometimes if it does,it only lasts for a maximum of about 2 minutes :l

-I've already done lowering my video bitrate from 15,000 down to 11,000 kbps but it didn't help.


-My laptop Specs are:


Dell Inspiron 15,3000 series.

4 GB DDR3 Ram, Intel Core i3-4005U CPU @ 1.7GHz.(No. of cores=2,Logical processors=4),500GB Hard drive,Windows 8.1OS,

2x USB 2.0,1x USB 3.0 Port,Intel HD graphics 4400 integrated


Intel HD Integrated Graphics, Intel HD 4400 Integrated- See more at: http://laptoping.com/specs/product/dell-inspiron-15-3000-3542/#sthash.lnm90LK2.dpuf


-Videowave software works fine without any rendering or editing issues.

-Only " Capturing software" is what that is giving me this problem.

-I was able to capture gameplays perfectly fine in 720p,1080i,480p for the first three weeks after I purchased RGC HD PRO.

After,I started getting these errors.



Any help or fix would be greatly appreciated.Can I use any other software to capture my gameplay? Is it my laptop specs causing issues ?

And if so why it didn't gave any such errors for the first three weeks?

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IF you are getting the System Alert for a USB unplugged, that is what is happening...


If your USB Cable is OK (most likely) then the issue is the PORT itself, either at the RGC or at your PC.


Stabilize that wire - rubber bands - duct tape - have someone hold them while the game is being played....


Assuming that cures it, release the hold on One End to see which end is the problem.


Let us know ;)

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Thank you helping.Seems like its the problem with my USB cable as it's kinda lose because when i touched its other end ,my Tv screen turned black.Another problem is with windows 8 usb ports on my laptop because they seem to give me problems when I plug in my tablet too.I might reinstall the windows or just get back to win 7.Also,I started Roxio game capture Rx1(something like that) in the processes which had stopped working and I set it to automatic and after it let me record a 10 minute gameplay in HD just fine.

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