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Videowave Stutters, Freezes, Cannot Preview In Real Time



i have a compound problem, and the first head of the problem is that I'm using a 32 bit version of NXT2 on a 64 bit DELL Inspiron AMD quad core laptop with 12 gig RAM. 12 gig, but DELL doesn't let me rededicate the memory to the video graphics card. Any suggestions?


How can I trade in my 32 bit and get the 64 bit, and what else can I do to allow the videowave preview to play fluently without stop n go, get out of sync, and usually crash?post-111599-0-97749300-1420036236_thumb.jpg

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Hi D Guru

I am so embarrassed. I never received notification of this reply and had I not done a google search that brought me... back to my own post! I would have went on thinking that nobody had a solution. I'm going to try your remedy. I just had a PC wiz build me a super pc i7, quad core, GTE? gaming graphic card, ssd 1TB drive and separage 1tb storage drive, with 16g RAM. Preview still hangs. I wonder if the WAV audio file along with the 1080 AVCHD video don't play well together. What's the best file format to work with? Should I convert the AVCHD video from my HD SONY CAM? To what?

Thanks you, and sorry again

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Good morning and I hope you end up with a Happy New Year.


There is no such thing as a 64 bit version of Creator. The 32 bit version runs well on the 64 bit computer.


Don't worry about the preview. It may depend on your antivirus or other running programs causing it to shutter. What speed is your quad core? Have you looked at any of the video you have output from the program?


I'm not sure exactly what you are asking about your video card. Open Video Wave and go to "tools" and then "options:. Run the "Graphics Test". You will get a series of black rectangles with numbers. After it finished, check the radio box to see if it has chosen hardware or software. See if your videos can preview OK. If not, set the radio button to software (if it is not already there) and do a preview. Although hardware may give you faster encoding (rendering), many people believe that the software encoding gives a better looking product.

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