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Which Toast To Use For Working Version Of Cdsd



I have been using toast and cdsd for digitizing LPs off and on for years since back when it was an adaptec product release. I have not done much with it lately for capturing analog audio. I was using a G4 Powerbook 10.4 and toast version 6, I believe, but the machine has suffered a failure and I cannot start it any more. I have several more recent toast releases including toast 10 & 11 probably have 7 & 9, too ( the boxes are at work). I wanna dedicate an old white flat panel iMac (coreduo) early2006 machine (10.6.8 is the terminal OS) to the task of digitizing new LP captures, which version of those I have available is the best one to choose for a functional CDSD in the bundle?

or am i bettter off moving to a new app- audio hijack pro?

I will need functionality to accurately divide up the tracks manually for sequence.

I like to record full LPs, then divide up the tracks exactly as they are on the vinyl. I used to include the leadout as part of my track up to the attack of the next tune (expanding time scale to show .1 sec divisions as indiv tickmarks when defining tracks) then burn to CD with 0 sec space between tracks. these were usually recognized by gracenote as the album when itunes is open.





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Thanks for the advice. I think I may have resurrected the powerbook G4. loaded 10.4 on it and am taking it to 10.4.11 and all the java updates So I can use clickrepair. I have toast 6,7,9,10 & 11 on physical media. maybe 7 will be best on this box if the hardware proves to be stable. I think that was what i had on it before the crash. t I took the coreduo white imac to 10.5 and will tinstallall the java updates and clickrepair try that one with toast 9, that ones box claims to be for the 10.4 and 10.5 era. I will let you know if I end up with a useable machine from these 2 survivors

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OK. tried a few things and have come up with a working setup for digitizing LPs with some vintage gear and software. my venerable powerbook G4 is behaving nicely with aHD wipe and fresh install of OS 10.4 including all the std. OS & software updates from apple. I loaded toast 7 onto it and got the update to 7.1.3. this is all the sw that is on the machine now.

Next, took the white imac flat panel coreduo and installed 10.5 on that and all the apple os & sw updates to 10.5.8. then installed toast 9 there and the clickrepair program (it needs java, so all those apple updates are a good idea here.) found that Toast 9 and cdsd is a PITA. biggest problem is they seem to have killed off the export functionality from toast. really want this when porting tracks off to another device without burning to a disc. why or where has it gone? Moving on, i deleted toast 9 and installed 7.1.3 on the 10.5 iMac as well. Now I keep the laptop by the stereo for the initial recordings. then move the files by FW disc to the intel mac and do the clickrepair processing- this used to be quite slow on the PPC processor. App now cruises along nicely. after clickromoval. reopen the new file with CDSD and divide up into the tracks. export to usb stick or thumb drive to the modern machines where i keep my Itunes library or burn a cd.

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