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Black Borders On Passthrough And Capture





I am using a Roxio GameCap HD pro for a few months and I've noticed something quite disturbing : The capture and the passthrough (so, what's directly shown on my screen) have black borders. My capture is supposed to be in 1080p (Tested with my PC GPU plugged in HDMI) but it seems like it's downscaled to 720p and centered in the middle of the screen, so I have these black borders and a bad resolution.


As it doesn't seem normal at all I'm asking you if there's a solution to this, because I will need to record some 1080p footages soon.


I attached an image showing the result of a capture I just made while writing this message.





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If you got borders then you do not have a 16:9 signal going into the RGC...


Best advice? Ignore it!!! ;)



I use standard HDMI cables and I've put my screen in 1920x1080 (so 16/9)

If I plug my GPU directly to the screen there isn't such black borders.

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Ok, I actually identified and solved the problem !


When I switch to HDMI, my GPU assumed it was plugged on a TV so it added a 10% overscan to shrink the image. Removing this overscan makes the borders disappear.


Thanks for your time !

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