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Dvd Playback


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Yesterday I created my first DVD from a JVC VHS-C camcorder. I followed the instructions and it was as easy as described. When I tested the DVD in my (fairly old) Toshiba DVD player I got a message that the DVD was not playable. I tried it on my computer and it played on WMP perfectly. I tried it in an LG Blu Ray player and again, no issues at all.

Is there a way of doing something differently to create the DVD to play on my DVD player as well or do I just need to upgrade my player?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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A lot of detail is missing ;)


MOST likely it is the media you used. It should always be quality media like Verbatim (Singapore) and Taiyo Yuden (JVC). Everything else, just walk past it :lol:


But other factors, like the amount, in TIME, you put on a DVD... 4.7 GB DVD holds 1 hour of DVD Movie. The DL DVD's about 2 hours. If you choose Fit to Disc the quality suffers so badly that some Player will not play them.


It is also possible that you didn't create a DVD Movie :huh: If you used Export to Computer or Archive, it will make a video file but not a DVD Movie!


Now a computer can read and play those and most of the newer BD Players can too...


It is easy to check, look at the disc with Windows Explorer and if you see 2 folders called AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS, it is a DVD Movie!


Also some player are happier with Plus media (+R) others Dash media (-R) and some just do not like burned media.


Lots of things for you to check ;)

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Thank you sir. I did in fact use cheap discs just to see how this worked and I did also use the fit to disc option. I tried again splitting the DVD into multiple discs less than an hour each and it worked fine. Now I can proceed with your suggestion to use better discs.

Thanks again for the help.

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