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480P On My Television Instead Of 1080P?



Here is a link to my previous issue I was having with my Roxio and my Xbox One:





Okay, well I got the splitter that I needed to fix that issue, so here is how I connected the Roxio HD Pro to my Xbox One with the Splitter:

I connected the USB to the Desktop Computer

I connected the splitter to the back of my Xbox One, the splitter has 2 HDMI ports, and I placed 1 HDMI cord to go from the splitter to the TV and the other HDMI to connect to the Roxio

After that I was able to fix my issue of not being able to view the picture on my TV, I was also able to see the picture in the Capture section of the Roxio Software. But I noticed that my TV was now showing 480p instead of its usual 1080p. I don't know if this is also affecting the recording, and also if I am going to be able to fix the 480p on my TV and make it go back to 1080p, because I am now used to the 1080p.


So basically, what I am asking is if I can make my TV go back ti 1080p instead of 480p, and if I can't, I could lay on the 480p on my TV but I don't want it to affect the capture. So is the 480p shown on my TV the same resolution on the capture software?


Thank You for your time and I hope I get a quick response.




This is the splitter I bought.


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:angry: If it isn't one thing it's another....


We need to confirm that the capture that the RGC is getting is 1080... That is easy to check, set it up, start a game and click on Options in the RGC.


Then look at the Drop Box to see what is available:




If 480 is the only one in the list, then that is all it is getting...


Question - when a game starts and is just showing its' splash screen, is it possible that part is just 480???

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Okay, this is going to be a weird response, but can you help me out again in something. I might have gotten a concussion or something because when I set up the RGC to my Xbox One a couple of nights ago, I was able to see the picture in my TV and the software even though I had the problem, but today when I was about to set it up again to try to fix the issue with the 480p I totally forgot how to set it up. This is how I have it set up right now.


There is an HDMI cord that connects to the back of the Xbox One to the TV, i unplugged that and connected the splitter to that slot. Then I connected the HDMI I disconnected and plugged it in to the splitter. Then I connected a second HDMI cord to the splitter and connected it to the 'bottom part of the Roxio. Then I connected another HDMI cord to the top of the roxio and connected it to the second HDMI port of my TV. I also did change the channel to the second HDMI. I feel this is right, but is it.

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