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Problem With Roxio Hd Pro Settings On Computer?



Okay so here's the thing. I have everything correctly placed. No HDMI, just Component Audio Video Cables in the output and the PS3 Component audio video cables in the input. I have it plugged into my computer and the YPbPr light is shining and not the hdmi. The arrow thing is shining too so everything is in order. I can see the TV screen and my PS3 but here's what happens when I opened the software.


I even tried another software for Roxio called VirtualDub and that didn't work either so I think my computer isn't reading it or something.

I'm gonna need some help please. I got this for Christmas and I haven't been able to make it work since.

EDIT: Also, if this helps the error pops up like every 5 seconds. Im so angry and stressed. Roxio needs to get their software together.

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From what you have posted the RGC Device is not receiving anything from your PS3...


Notice that the 'Input' is completely blank as well as the Red, 'No Signal' ;)


Make absolutely sure that your PS3 is SET to output in a specific format and not left on auto ;)


You want to make sure you try different USB Ports on your PC and Never use a powered port!


Oh, don't use the MP4. Capture in M2TS and convert later, assuming you actually need to.

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Post the image on this site within your post please! The site you posted at says 404 error and it's off line.


I edited the potty mouth out of your post. This is a family board for all ages please check that language at the door.


Moderator cdanteek

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