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How Many Times Can I Use The Serial Key?



So on my old laptop i had the roxio software and used the key to install it but i had a buzzing noise issue and somoeone told me to test it on a different laptop so i used it twice.

Now i dont use it on either computers becuase i got a gaming pc which i know is able to record xbox with no problems specs are here:


Amd a8 6600k 3.9ghz quad core proccesor (apu) with 8750d graphics

windows 7

500 watt



So im wondering how many more times i can use the key, i will only use it for my own use sooo.

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Wait wait wait, i tried many times to install my roxio gamcap HD Pro software on my laptop and failed. does that reduce the number of times i can use it?



I hope not... If so, Roxio needs to fix their "Setup interrupted" problem. :l


The activation limit is ten a failed install reduces the number by one, a second failed installation again reduces the number by one, so on and so on!


Does everyone understand?.

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