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Saving/backing Up Files From Productions



I have captured video from VHS and have made 5 DVDs (5 different productions). I need to remove files from my hard drive to free up space. If I copy a production to an external device, then run that program, it says files cannot be found. How can I actually save a copy of the final movie on the external hard drive? What file extensions/formats on files do I need to be looking for? i have some files that show they are are movie clips, some as video clips, and other Roxio Media Production, and some are DAT files. I just want to save the final productions to the external device and delete the other files that aren't needed. Thanks!

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Which program from the Creator 2010 suite are you using to write your DVDs?


You should be able to "burn" your DVD to either an image {ISO] or a DVD-folder [VIDEO_TS] with that program, instead of burning it to a plastic disc, and the ISO file or the folder set are the ideal ways to save a copy on your external drive.


If you tell us which program you're using, we can tell you how to create an ISO file or a folder set.

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Okay, you want to save copies of your final movies to an external drive so you can free up room on your main hard drive?


The fastest way to do this is to copy your burned disc(s) to ISO images, and them move the images to your external drive. This saves you having to make the disc all over again.

-From the Main Menu > Data/Copy > Copy > Copy Disc to Image. This makes an ISO image of the disc which can be given a meaningful name and moved to the external drive. Later, Main Menu > Data/Copy > Create > Burn Disc Image will let you burn it to another disc if you want.



If you don't have burned discs to hand, you need to go back through the process of making them, then when you get to the point of burning them in MyDVD you change the destination of your burn.

-Set up your DVD project in MyDVD as usual, then click the red Burn button at the bottom right corner.

-in the Burn Project window which pops up, uncheck the Burn to disc box, and check either the Save disc image file box or the Create folder set box




-click the Burn button at the bottom, and wait while the movie is "rendered" and the ISO or folder set is created.


Depending on which you selected, an ISO file or a folder called VIDEO_TS will be created at C:\Users\%your account name%\Videos [or 'My Videos']

You can now move the ISO or folder to storage, re-naming it as you go to make sure it doesn't overwrite other ISOs or folders of the same name.


I mentioned above how to burn a disc from your ISO. If you later want to burn one from a folder set, go

Main Menu > Video/Movies > Edit and Transfer > Copy and Convert Video and in Video Copy and Convert [VCC] select Copy DVD

-in the From sife of VCC use the pull-down to select Browse for Disc Image/DVD-Video Folder

-browse to, and select your folder [or an ISO], and use the green arrow button to burn it to disc.



Once you've successfully stored your ISO or folder set and tested them, you can go ahead and clear the source material from your hard drive.

Is there anything you'd like clarified further?




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