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Save As Video_Ts Folder And Misc.



Forgive me if this is a very basic question. I am finally transitioning away from using iDVD. I need to save 26 MOVs as a Video_TS folder to send to my colleague who uses the folders to burn DVDs. Do I need conversion software? Or how can I do this in Toast 12 Titanium?


Additionally, is there a way to customize the font used in the menus? And is there a way to animate the menu screen? Also, can I preview the DVD before burning?


Thanks for any help you can offer!

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With Toast you can choose Save as Disc Image. The resulting .toast image file contains a VIDEO_TS folder. Change the .toast file to .iso in the Finder before sending it away and the other person will be able to mount the image file to access the VIDEO_TS.


You cannot modify the font. Choose a font you like best and change the background by dragging in whatever image you want. Toast has slate-type menus with no motion or audio.


To preview the DVD after creating the disc image, mount the .toast file (one way is to use Mount Disc Image in the Toast Utilities menu) and play it with DVD Player.


If motion and audio in menus is important to you, search for a different DVD authoring application for the Mac.

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Wow, thank you for your lightning fast response! Does that mean I would load the MOVs in DVD-Video and then save as Disc Image?


That's okay to use the pre-set fonts and colors, and for there not to be any animation or audio. Thanks for letting me know.


Another question: for creating chapters, I wanted each of the 26 MOVs to be a new chapter. Do I simply edit each file and manually add a chapter 0 that starts at the 0 second mark? I guess that's what I wanted to check--that each chapter would be labelled with the correct subsequent number (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.).

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Yes, choose DVD-video and save as disc image.


Each video you add will be a title, not a chapter, that appears in the main menu. Toast also does chapters within titles which by default are every 5 minutes (I think) but can be customized. Toast calls these Scenes. You also can have Toast present a Scene menu which is not very helpful. When that option is chosen clicking on the title presents the scene menu and then pressing on the scene starts playback. But the scenes have only a thumbnail image and no text so who knows which one to click on? If you want the menu to appear when the disc is inserted, uncheck the box next to Auto-play disc on insert.

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