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I've been trying to get title - artist - duration as you described in Version 6, to no avail.

Here's the sort of thing I got in version 6 a few minutes ago.




And here's what I was getting in Easy CD & DVD Burning (v14) just now.




It seems they have different styles, but the same information available. V14 didn't seem to have any trouble loading V6 JWL files, either.





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There probably are varieties in available styles, but the OP hasn't shown us what sort of V6 output he wants to duplicate so I'm not going to spend any time guessing at this point.

I think I've probably answered his original question, unless there is more he wants to ask.

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Can the easy CD / DVD burning in the (red box) make the following information on a Jewel case label ****Name of Song ******Artist ******Time of song like creator 6 used to?????


What are V6 &V14 and where do you get it? ***********Have you ever heard of sure thing support they are claiming to do the functions I am looking for!


Version 6 is the Creator 6 you spoke of.

Version 14 is the current easy CD / DVD burning in the (red box) that you spoke of.


Yes, I have heard of Sure Thing support.

Sure Thing made the Roxio Express Labeler





Do you have a question about it?




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