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Does Copy & Convert Video Work With Dv-Vr Content?


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Hello, I've been trying to use the Copy & Convert Video function of Roxio Creator NXT, to convert some DVDs I recorded off the TV into MPEG2 format. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. Some of them have converted perfectly, but with others, I keep getting an error message. As soon as the caching title process begins, I get "Roxio video convert has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution to the problem." Later, Windows closes the programme.


At first I couldn't make out when & why this was happening with some discs and not others, but I figured out that all DVD-R discs were copying fine, along with any commercial ones which weren't copy-protected. All the discs causing the error were DVD+R ones. My DVD burner is compatible with +R media, and plays DVDs recorded on these discs fine.


Looking at the Input Formats section of the info on the box, I see that only DVD-Video is listed, which makes me wonder whether this application actually supports DVD+ Video discs? Should it be able to read from these discs, or does the source have to be on a DVD- format? Has anyone else had this problem? It would be great if some fix was available, as many of the discs I want to convert are the DVD- type!






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Hi, ok, DVD+R discs typically have 2 directories. VIDEO_RM has 3 files, .BUP, .DAT, .IFO. VIDEO_TS has several .BUP, .IFO & .VOB files


DVD-R discs have only the VIDEO_TS directoriy, which has only .BUP, .IFO & .VOB files


I'm not at all familiar with any of these file extensions...


Are you thinking that maybe one of these file types might be "confusing" video convert?

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DVD + or DVD- is not the problem. The problem is that Video_RM folder (and included files) which is not recognized as it is a non-standard DVD format


Read this:





Folders found in a DVD file structure can often contain a legacy folder called VIDEO_RM. Essentially, this folder is rather useless to most set-top DVD players as it is a folder referenced on Philips brand DVD recorders as well as Philips clones. For reasons unknown, Philips decided not to abide by standards of DVD file structures and used this VIDEO_RM folder to hold information about the recording device a DVD was created on.


The folder, when viewed through several DVD re-authoring tools will show that it is useless much in the same way an AUDIO_TS folder is.


There have been cases where DVDs created with the VIDEO_RM folder have caused several other brands of set-top players, DVD re-authoring programs and other devices to not read the DVD information correctly. Often an error similar to "unrecognized file structure" will be given as whatever device is reading the disk does not understand what to do with the Video_RM folder. Simple fixes include loading the DVD in File mode on certain DVD re-authoring programs and deleting anything associated with the Video_RM folder, then compiling a new, clean ISO.

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Many thanks for your help, Myguggi, you've put me on the right track. For some reason best known to itself, my recorder (which is a Sony one, by the way) seems to write a VIDEO_RM folder only on DVD+R discs (none of the -R discs have this folder). I had an inkling this might be the problem, as it was only present on the discs which wouldn't copy.


So, I copied only the VIDEO-TS folder to my desktop on one of the DVDs I wanted to copy, and used this as the source. This seems to have solved the problem, it's copying away nicely as we speak...

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The VR discs were always at issue. Sometimes you just needed to Finalize or Close them int the DVD Recorder.


Of course that could only be done with R discs...


But copying the VIDEO_TS folder over to the PC seemed to work in 99% of the cases!


The other 1% required you to change the VOB extensions of the files in that folder to mpg :D

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