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Gamecap Hd Pro Image / Fonts Blurry On Monitors





I have just got this device from Roxio directly yesterday. When I tried to hook up to the computer, i notice the images & fonts become blurry.


My initial setup is GPU (7850 HD) with HDMI output to my monitor Samsung Syncmaster A950, while DVI to my 2nd monitor (Asus).

I'm using the Samsung monitor as my main output, while extending my monitor to Asus.



Next, I have got this Roxio that I wish to capture my in-game moments, I hook the HDMI from my GPU to the input of GAMECAP, and using another HDMI cable from GAMECAP output to my Samsung monitor.


Sometimes it doesn't show up anything on my monitor, but a quick fix is to unplug UBS cable from roxio and replug it in. My desktop is able to show on my Samsung, similar to my setup without Roxio.


However, one significant issue that I notice is that, my windows icon & fonts become blurry. My in game wordings and images are blur too. It's seems to create shadow in the images.


May I know what is this issue and how should I resolve this?


Meanwhile, as some of the topic mentioning that the Roxio capture will stop at 'elapsed 1s' if the capture program is move to 2nd monitor. Tested and confirm this. I need to keep the program running on my main monitor in order for it to be captured, or else the video capturing will stop after 1 second.


The video capturing quality is bad and no sounds recorded. I will perform more testing, and try to get Mini-DP to DP cable to by pass Roxio output to my monitor, and using duplicate settings for DP (to monitor) and HDMI (to Roxio). Not sure if this setup will work or not...


Overall, I think this device is not as good as I read from review. I couldn't get a clear capture and similar HDMI output directly from source.



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Some have had the blurry text issues... You can search for it but I do not have any notes on solutions :(


The RGC was not intended to be used the way you have it set up! Some have done it without issue - others, not so much :unsure:


Your 1 second capture has been discussed:

RGC 1 Second Capture (short capture):

Capture shows progress but nothing is captured…

Reboot and/or Repair

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