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Gary Cox

Audio Out Of Sync


I just purchased from Best Buy Easy VHS to DVD version 2.01 and it is running on my fairly new Macbook Pro 10.10.1. I tried registering the product for a one time support code but I got an email but no support code in it thus no way to contact support.


The problem I'm having is I'm capturing from a VHS tape using the USB device and saving to the internal hard drive. A short clip is fine but anything over a few minutes the audio progressively gets out of sync until it is completely out of sync! Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks... Gary

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The audio will be out of sync if you use the High Quality setting when recording. It will be in sync when you using the other quality settings. You won't lose any picture quality choosing medium instead of high. Medium captures as a high-quality h.264 MPEG 4 video which is pretty much the standard today. The high-quality uses Apple Intermediate Codec which only works with Apple's editing applications. Avoid it.

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