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Why Is Hardware Rendering So Slow? -Split From Hijacked Topic

Jim B


I know this goes back a long time but I was recently faced with an extreamly slow rendering of a MPEG file. 14 minutes long and only 5 minutes rendered after 20 minutes. I took the suggestion of rendering with software rether then hardware. The file was completely rendered in 5 minutes. I've got a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT card installed in my desktop. Can anyone tell me why hardware rendering takes so long

Thanks. Jim B.

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Why worry about it? If software rendering was that fast, you have nothing to gain from hardware rendering and according to some people, the produced video will be very slightly degraded. Was it only that one file or others as well? What did you select as the output properties for the videos? What else was in the project besides that one video.


Were you using Video Wave or MyDVD to output the file. What other programs did you have running? Did you have your anti-virus running.


Are the drivers for your video card up to date? On other forums, the latest NVidia drivers have caused lot of different problems. Unless you are a gamer who requires the latest and greatest drivers, re install a slightly earlier driver from NVidia.

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