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Red No Signal Plus Flickering Screen Ps3

Austin Davis Schmohe


I was attempting to hook up my friends PS3 to my Roxio GC HD Pro. I managed to find PS3 specific component cable, and plugged the ps3 specific end into the console, and the components end (red, green, blue, R/L audio) into the input. On the output, I used a regular component cable, perfectly hooked up to the television. Then I plugged it into the laptop with the software installed. When I switched over to the component input on the tv, much to my friend's and my delight, There was sound as well as picture in full color and quality. However, when we looked at the program on the laptop, there was the dreaded red "no signal" sign. I wasn't sure how this made sense seeing as how the components were clearly hooked up correctly, and the program was set on component input. The screen would show a blue screen, and the program would flicker and sometimes even become unresponsive. Idk what to do. I attempted disconnecting, and then reconnecting all cords, restarting the program, running program repairs, and all of that. Please help Jim/anyone else who knows. You're my only hope:P

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