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Adding Additional Title Pages Other Than Beginning Of Video?

Barbara Miller


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I was wanting to add title pages at the beginning, middle and other places. Is there any way to do that. Also wondering if there are any tutorials other than 5 year old youtube?


Take the first slide of the place where you want the title, and add it again just before the original. Put the text on that slide to act as a title. Or You can create a new image (blank if that is what you want) and add the text to that. There is no way to set up chapters though.


A five year old tutorial for a 10 year old program isn't too bad


Note: Read about issues that others are having with the program, the loss of PhotoShows and problems logging in. Make your PhotoShows on your home computer and upload it to the site for the safest process.

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Thanks. I guess I will just create a page and scan it in as a jpg file to start a new Chapter. Thanks for your quick response. Any chance you know about editing photos? I used their edit tool and cropped a photo but whenever I try to save it it just keeps spinning and spinning and never saving.


Are you using the on-line version? No telling what you will/can get from that. Again I suggest downloading the desktop version, create your PhotoShows in that and then upload.


I get the same response as you do - the spinner with the on-line version.


The desktop version does not have the image editor but if you have a PC, you can use the much better free Windows Photo Gallery.

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