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No Voice Recording For Hdmi Input + Rca Audio L+R Input




I'm trying to get the recording of my pc as I have failed to configure output from my dual monitor + GAMECAP HD Pro.


What I am currently doing is to have my Main Display (Using mini-DP) to monitor and HDMI to Gamecap HD Pro, while using an audio splitter to output the sound to my speaker & another output to Gamecap via RCA.



I manage to capture the video, but the sound is not.


I notice that Gamecap software does has Audio selection, but the software that I'm using (gamecap hd pro) does not have this. May I know what is the issue?


Attached are two images.


1) Roxio GAMECAP with Audio Input option (Youtube).jpg - It shows GAMECAP standard has 'Audio Input' selection

2) MyRoxi - no Audio Input selection.jpg - For my GAMECAP HD PRO (newer device) but the 'Audio Input' selection is missing.






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I am trying to get someone to try that setup...


My notes are not specific to that but I am thinking that HDMI only works by itself.

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