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Recording Xbox360 On Laptop Without Tv?



Hi, i'm interested in the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro product and think it would work well with my PC, but i have a problem and a few questions:


I have an Xbox360, and a laptop with the required specs, but i don't have an HD TV.


I want to know if i can hook up the Xbox 360 to the Roxio HD Pro (w/ Xbox 360's HDMI cable in Roxio's "HDMI in"), then ONLY hook up the Roxio's USB cable to my laptop and skip using the "HDMI out" altogether? In this way, i won't be using a TV at all and will rely on the video game capture's output to my laptop in order to play and record the video game.


Is this possible?


More importantly, will i not have any lag/skip problems on the laptop since it will be my only means of viewing the gameplay?


If this is possible, will i be able to record and save in 720p or 1080p HD on the laptop as i don't have to worry if my TV can support such resolution?

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Record, yes. Play, no.


You'll be able to record without any problems (assuming your laptop does meet the requirements) but you won't be able to play. There is nearly a 2 second delay in the preview screen from the capture device, which is the time it takes the hardware to encode the signal and get it to your PC.


Also, the preview screen is fairly small, and cannot be resized to be full screen on your PC.


So, you won't be able to do exactly as you want.

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Ok, this is what i'm thinking of doing to make it compatible with the TV i have (which doesn't have HD).


Connect the xbox 360 to the Roxio with an HDMI cable to the "HDMI in", then on the other end i will connect 'component cables' to 'Sewell component-to-composite converter' to 'composite 3RCA cables' to my TV that uses the composite 3RCA (red, white, yellow cables).


Since i'm technically still using an HDMI cable from the Xbox360 to the Roxio, will it record in HD on my computer? Will this be the case while it will still convert from component to composite in order to appear on my non-HD TV?

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