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Help! Roxio Game Capture Won't Capture Sound & Audio Device Error


so I've had this capture card for a few years now, and recently tried to re-install it back to my computer.. It has worked in the past so I know my cpu specs are okay.


It only captures video if i switch my audio device settings to "Microphone" so all i get is video & sound that gets picked up through my mic. It usually let's me record if i have it set to "Roxio line" but when i change it to LINE it gives me an "unknown capture error".


I've already installed the roxio service pack from this site.

please any help!


thanks in advance.

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Same thing is happening to me, I get video but no sound !!!!


Whats the Roxio service pack ??


Roxio Game Capture is different Software than what you have!


Stick to your original post.

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