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Nxt 3 Video Convert Problem

Frank B-ball


I am running Windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex 9020 machine. I have some old c2d files created using EMC 9 (using Windows XP) that I want to convert to Mpeg format. I installed the old EMC 9 on this machine but it did not seem to work so I bought Creator NXT3 and installed it. But when I start the conversion process, it begins phase one for about 5 secs then nothing else happens and no file is created.


Thinking there might be a conflict with EMC 9 I tried to uninstall it. However, it did not uninstall so I manually deleted as many files as I could and used Revo Uninstaller Pro to try to get rid of the remainder. After doing all of the above there are three old EMC 9 files in the original Roxio subfolders in the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders. These have an old date and are named RB_Contextmenu64.dll, CPSvideoobjects.dll and RMFmediaobjects.dll. However, I cannot delete these older files - message says they are still active in Windows Explorer but I am not running that program.


There are files in the NXT 3 folders with the same name but a newer date, so there is likely a conflct.


Can anyone help with this ?

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I now have gotten rid of those errant files using Revo Unistaller Pro to force uninstall. I was also able to "convert" my c2d files to iso files using Isoblaster. Now that I have iso files, what is the easiest and safest way to convert them to mpeg fiies without having to reinstall Roxio ?

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The iso files I have are disc image files, not real image files. I do not want to burn them to a DVD. I just want to view them on my computer using something like Windows Media Viewer. Is this possible ?


I use the free Elby CloneDrive right click mount the iso image, right click unmount. The BD Rom Drive it makes in my computer you can play using what ever you want for a player.

  • Mounts images as virtual drive
  • Supports all common image formats such as ISO, BIN, IMG, UDF, DVD, and CCD
  • Emulation of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media
  • Supports up to 15 virtual drives at the same time
  • History of recently mounted images
  • Automount last image
  • Unmount image with eject button
  • Seamless integration in Windows Explorer context menu
  • Easy to use - just double-click an image file to mount as a drive
  • Virtual CloneDrive is freeware, you may use it at no cost


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Deleting program files manually is always a bad idea since it can easily corrupt the system. You should have used Revo Uninstaller first to uninstall EMC 9.


EMC 9 is not compatible with W7 and will not run in it.


c2d are disc image files and are not video files. They cannot be converted to mpeg. What program did you use to create the c2d files? A google search seems to indicate that these files are usually made by WinOnCD an old, obsolete Sonic Solutions product

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I used the "copy DVD disc" option in EMC 9 to create the c2d files from DVD disks on my old video camera prior to burning them to standard DVD discs. In fact, I was able to convert one c2d to Mpeg (which is viewable on Windows Media Player) using EMC 9 before it crashed.


Anyway, what do I do now ? Should I uninstall Creator NXT 3 and see if I can get rid of the old EMC 9 files ?

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Frank B-ball,


I have Roxio Disc Copier busy under Windows 7 making me some C2D images as we speak.




It looks like Disc Copier should happily convert the C2D to an MPG-2 file, too.




However, this isn't getting those errant files out of your system. Windows seems to have put them on the protected list, because it is running files of the same name in NXT 3.


I have several suggestions:

[1] Run Windows in 'Safe Mode' and see if you can delete those files that way.


[2] Try 'Unlocker' by Nitch Collomb, to see if you can break the Windows lock on them and allow deletion. I think the latest version is version is 1.9.2 but an internet search will show you what and where to get it.


[3] Uninstall Creator NXT 3, and then tidy the files while they're not in use. When finished, reinstall Creator.




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