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Can't Pause Or Stop



I just got this product today and so far, I love it! So easy to use. I know I will have more questions as I progress, but for now, here are the two I have:

1. Why can't I get the DVD to pause or stop? I created a menu for the cartoons I'd transferred and my son clicked on the cartoon he wanted, but could not pause, forward, rewind, or stop the video. He had to eject the DVD in order to get it to stop.

2. When he enlarges the video screen and clicks on a new menu item, it immediately reduces the screen and he keeps having to reduce/enlarge until he finds the one he wants. Is there a way to make it stay enlarged?


Thank you for any advice you may have!


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Sorry, I didn't know there was so much more info to give! I am using Easy VHS to DVD 3- NOT plus. He played it on his laptop although I will try it on a DVD player. I used a Memorex 120 disk, but I read here that they aren't the best. However, I only taped 40 minutes of cartoons, so it didn't go over 60 min. Also, I read that you need to copy it to your computer, THEN burn it because people are having trouble with it finishing. I was also having trouble with it finishing, so I just pushed the eject button. Oops. Is that the time that the program is setting the pause, rewind, forward functions, perhaps?

Thanks again!

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Pause, Play, FF, RW, etc. are all functions of the Player and not the part of DVD Authoring ;)


However, premature ejection results in a disc that is not completely authored... I am surprised it works to any extent... I suspect it was actually done, only the software was hung up so it never ejected or reported to you that it was done.


Let us know how the Player goes ~ what we are looking for is 'Disc Issue' = won't work in any player or could work in some and not in others :huh:


The first one could be media or a disc issue like the premature ejection.


The second is almost always cheap media - Verbatim (Singapore) and Taiyo Yuden (JVC) are brands of high quality!

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