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Subtitles From File With Inclusive File



I have just switched from using Cocktail. If I have an MKV file that has subtitles and I want to convert it to something smaller so I can watch it on my iPad can I convert it to have english subtitles? I assume it is simple as I know how to do it with Cocktail, but can't see the option in Toast. I have found instructions for folders with distinct video and subtitles files, but not when the subtitles appear hidden.


If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks.

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thanks for thinking anyway. At least it isn't anywhere obvious and I can stop searching the menus. I had the name of the other software wrong anyway- it was Handbrake and I've definitely checked that it is an easily accessible option.

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I use Handbrake to convert videos for iPad, and often use the option to burn-in the closed-caption subtitles. Recently I purchased an over-the-air DVR which records in .mts file format, containing the CC data. Files are captured to a hard drive, and playback allows turning the CC on or off.


The .mts files import into Toast 12, and will a bit of encoding time will produce a DVD. However I can't figure out how to make Toast encode the CC or create a burned-in subtitle on the DVD.


Handbrake files can be imported into Toast as well. However encoding a 4 hour video with burned in CC took over 3 days to process in Toast.


Are subtitles/closed-caption an option I'm missing somewhere in Toast?

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