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You need some kind of video, even if it is totally black, to do this with Toast. Choose DVD-video as the format in the Video window, add the video that has no audio track and Toast will ask you to add the audio. That should work. Toast will not accept the .ac3 audio file except in partnership with a video file that has no audio track.


Just reread your post and you refer to an audio CD. Toast won't make a 5.1 audio CD as it will only make audio CDs that meet the specs for standard audio CD players, which is 16-bit 2-channel uncompressed. I don't know what can play a CD with .ac3 audio only.

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I have to burn a 5.1 audio files in ac3 format in audio CD.

Is it possible to do?

I want only the audio and menu and no video.

I use Toast 10.

Hi ,


I have tried this project 1yr back.but i didnot checked in standalone dvd player. u can extract 5.1 audio from dvd disc or dvd file(.vob) as .ac3 by using besweet or belight or winx dvd copy pro or bigasoft audio converter, then burn .ac3 file in dvd disc by using audio dvd creator. this tool make it your .ac3 as .vob but no video will come its shown blank screen when you play this file. i checked only in PC, u can play this disc in dvd player and check the 5.1 surround.. if u get success pls inform me. my mail id is ramesh_lancer@rediffmail.com

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