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Two Charges For The Same Product


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So I purchased a product, charged it, downloaded it and can't be happier with my purchase.


That is until I looked at my credit card purchase! I received only one confirmation order but my credit card was charged twice using the same order number.


Has anyone had this happen to them before? Is there a phone number to call. The last resort would be for me to protest the charge, and since by that time I'll be really mad, I might protest both charges!


What has happen to Roxio? I always counted on them for work, we buy their products by the boat load. I may have to find another product for work now.



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Contest the payment immediately with your Credit Card provider.


What has happen to Roxio?

Someone has made a stuff-up. Get it fixed as recommended above. Don't make a mountain out of a mole-hill, you'll get so you can't sleep at nights.

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