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Are Nxt2 .rox Files Compatible With Nxt3 .rox Files ?



Hello everyone !


I'm the same guy that started this thread more than a year ago : http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/91082-rox-and-roxio-sample-files-to-download/


We modified our software so it outputs .ROX files instead of .RCL files. We did it using NXT2 file format so we are wondering if we need to tweak it again because NXT3 is available and NXT2 is not really available anymore.


In short, are NXT2 .ROX files compatible with NXT3 .ROX files ?


If you do not know but if you could send me a file sample to download, that would be much appreciated.


You can obfuscate the contents of the sample file if necessary, as long as the xml tags are kept untouched.


Thank you very much for your help,


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Hi Konnan, me again :)


I just saved a .rox file in NXt2 and it opened fine in NXT3. Opened a new project in NXT3 with the same target file, and when saved the .ROX file looked identical. I don't think Roxio has made any changes to the Burn Data Disc module.


Here they both are, for your inspection.




Best regards,


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Hello Brandon,


First, you rule ! :D I want to thank you very much for your help and for providing me these samples, that's exactly what I need.


You are right, I just compared them with Notepad++ and it's exactly the same.


Good news for us ! That means we can order some NXT3 for our users.


Thanks again and have a nice weekend !


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