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No Response From Wiiu



Trying to use the HD Pro to capture some Smash Bros fights. I have made sure all the cables are plugged in the right spot. Uninstalled and re installed Roxio, checked for updates, put my WiiU in 720p, restarted my computer and wii u, tried with another device (that worked) and am getting nothing out of my WiiU.


I have read every thread about the Wii U and tried everything. Still with no avail. The furthest I have gotten is my TV says "Mode not supported. The resolution is not supported on this TV"


Please help. I have been trying at this for days.

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HDMI to TV comes from RGC, nothing is changing that...


FIRST - I would test and confirm that theory.


A different TV

Component Output from RGC to TV (assumes it can do that)

HDMI to DVI-D (only if it can do that and as a Last Resort as this can introduce even more issues)

An HDMI splitter BEFORE the RGC (one to RGC, one to TV)


Let us know what you find -_-

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