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Questions About Nxt3 - Split From Non-Related Hijacked Thread

John Burco


I want to buy NXT3, but had a few questions.

Been trying to post, but don't know how.

Could you tell me how to post please.


My 2 questions are, if you want to answer:


1. Is there a continuous fast forward when doing editing?

Look like a knob that you may be able to use for fast forwarding.

Don't want to have to continuously click a button to fast forward.


2. All my videos are in MPG4 format.

When I'm done editing my video, does it re-code?


Re-coding takes so long.

Most of my finished videos will be between 10 to 60 min. long.



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Apparently you know how to post since the post is readable. To start your own thread, go to the top of the section and select it.


1) Video Wave has continuous fast forward but it depends on what you are doing. More information please.

2) If you select exactly the same mpg4 output (bit rate, etc) then it will not encode except for where you make the changes. Where do you plan to output your video to - DVD/Video file/other?


If reencoding is taking very long, perhaps your computer is NOT powerful enough to get it done in a reasonable time. With a good computer, re-encoding is a 1:1 or less than 1:1 process (Takes less time to re-encode than it does to play the video).

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I have a lot of videos over the years that I have taken and want to edit, split.

Most of them have more then one day or subject on them.

I want to be able to open the video and split it into different videos.

Some may have as many as 5 or 6 subjects on them, making 5 or 6 different videos.


Once the video I'm working on is close to it where I want it to end, I would like to continuously fast forward to where the subject changes, want to split, cut.

Then use a slower means to select the exact point I want to end.


Save that section then continue on to the next section, video I'm making.


As for re-encoding, I understand it takes 1:1 or less.

That means a 30 minute video will take 30 minutes or a little less.

I did find a program that does not re-encode in the MPG4 frormat and would save that 30 minute video very fast.

BUT, does not have the continuous fast forward I want plus other feathers I don't like.

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The Roxio Editor, VideoWave has always had a FF and Rewind button:




However from what you describe you may want to create Scenes instead, which also has FF & Rewind ;) (info Here)


What you will not be able to do is cut up a long clip and save the individual parts... That has never been available!


It can be done by creating Split points or Markers and saving a 'Master Clip'. Then reload the Master Clip and delete everything but what you want output as a separate file. Keep doing this for each part.


But using Scenes allows the same end result.


If your PC is reasonable new, Render times will be well below the 1:1 but that also depends on how close the matching of the quality is of the Source and the Output.

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