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Cd Audio Track Titles


When I want to create an audio CD, I choose "Burn Audio CDs". Then from the next window I choose "Add files" and the tracks on the CD are imported with names such as Track01.cda. I would like the file to show the actual track name. Is there any way of accomplishing that.

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The best way to do that is to ignore "Burn Audio CDs". It's a very simplified module.

Instead choose "Create Music Disc Projects", and run the Roxio Music Disc Creator [MDC]




There choose Audio CD, and Import from CD/DVD. That will bring up the Media Selector showing your CD with the tracks named.




Drag your selected tracks into the project window, or highlight them and click Add. Import them as WAV, since that brings the tracks in without audio loss.




Once they've been read off the CD they'll appear in your project window. Then you can add more from another CD if you want, arrange them in the order you want, and add a disc name, etc. After that insert a blank disc and hit the post-208-0-43364300-1422529452.jpg button to burn your CD.





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