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Videowave Crashes During Editing - Direct X Not Installed...



I am using Roxio NXT Pro 2 on an older Vista PC. VideoWave generally just works fine on smaller projects (less than 100 Panels) but I am currently working on a much larger project +/- 2,000 panels, primarily HD video clips imported from my Canon camcorder, .MTS format. It performs OK, (very slow saving and opening the file - which is not to much of a problem). The problem is I crash A LOT, particularly during editing eith with Pan and Zoom Editor and sometimes just trimming. I get an error message something to the effect of Direct X not installled or corrupted, at which time I have to shut down without saving changes and re-open the file. Many time when I re-open the file, it is still in an effor state and I have to hunt down and seach for the panel (or panels) causeing the error - most of the time a video clip where I have added Camera Flashes video effect. My question is: Is this issue a simple update of Direct X, or do I ned to purchase another computer using Windows 8.


Windows Vista Home Basic

Model: SR 5223WM

Processor: AMD Sempron Processor 3600+2.0 GHz

Memory (RAM) 894 MB

System Type: 32 Bit Operating System

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The number of panels really means nothing although 2000 in one project seems excessive. Although switching to W8 will make no difference though updating the DirectX might solve your problem.


How long in time is your project. You might better off splitting up you project into several smaller project which can be easily combined later.

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Digital Guru!

Thanks for the FAST Reply!! You are the best...I guess I'll be updating Direct X 9.0. T answer you question, the project I.m working on is approx one and one half hours. But I am constantly editing so it will finish at about an hour. Here is a screen cap of the typical error message.


I edit HS football games so I import a typoical game (about one hour with 200 video clips). But when I'm done editing, the project will be down to 100 or so panels and 3-5 minutes long. I try to keep all the highlight from a 10 game season in one project so its easlier to pick the best of the best plays for a season ending highlight video.Th


Thanks a million


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Listen to Walt. You computer and memory are underpowered for what you are trying to do. Vista isn't the best also.


Did you try updating DirectX from the Microsoft site? You probably want to update msmxl also from Microsoft.


Have you ever updated the drivers for your video card/chip? You are also probably low on disc memory. Please post the dxdiag.exe of your computer so we can see what is going on. Follow these instructions (link)


Have you tried using "scene selection" in Video Wave to limit what you want to select? Look in the help menu. It should help do the work for you.


Do each game as a separate project and output each to a Video file. When you have done all of them, add them to a new project.


Fathers Day is the next holiday; perhaps a hint for a newer computer would be in order.

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