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Audio Crossfade Prefs - Bug Still?

Ron Obvious




Can anyone tell me if this BIG bug has been solved.


I've been using Toast since version 4. The issue I have is that what I especially like about Toast is when I assemble live albums. After mixing each song with extra head and tail fades, I then import these into a new Toast session. I then do the proper cross-fades and placing of the Start ID's. This allows for a continous live performance, with proper track ID's. I'm using Version 11.2 on a Mac with Yosmite 10.1.10


Three problems: (Two screen shot attachments below)


1. Why is there no "Pref" to keep the [Equal Power] button 'ON". Actually it should just stay the way you last left it. Can this be done on the next "fix". This should be so simple.


2. On the new Toast 11/12 the [Magnify Slider] now always defaults to the left. I.E. All the way out. Up until this version, it use to default to near the middle. Now on each song I need to first slide the magnification to the right. This is very irritating! Again the slider should just STAY the way you left it on the last [CUSTOM] Cross Fade.


3. In the Crossfade Preview - pref. You can see I've set these to 2 sec in and 2 sec out. When I open the custom crossfader box. It stays at about 10 seconds in and out. There is something very wrong here.


4. Saving Session updates > BIG PROBLEM on Toast 11.2. When I do all these "custom" crossfades, I've noticed that none of this is saved. Red dot remains clear. I need to turn on & off something like "CD text" to make the red dot show that there have been changes. I can then SAVE my updated session. Has this been solved in Toast 12 ?????


Please let me know if there is anywhere within the app I can change these three items.



Ron O. Vermeulen

Technical Director

Dragonfly Mobile Recording

Ships Point, B.C.






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I'm far from being as expert as you with the crossfades but have worked with them from the days of Roxio's Jam. Don't expect anything to be different with the Toast upgrades or updates. I don't believe any work has been done on the audio files features in years.


However, I'm not having all the experiences you are having. For instance, the 2-second preset is working on my Mac. What changes the view to more seconds is if I choose one of the crossfade patterns in the Custom view and okay the box that appears asking if the fade should be 10 seconds (or a time longer than the 2 seconds). It might reset things if you trash the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast.


Also, if I click the Equal Power Box and choose Apply to All then that box is checked when viewing the custom crossfade in any of the tracks. When choosing Apply to All I notice that the crossfade icon for each of the tracks in the main window is shaded even though clicking on the icon shows "None" instead of "Custom" as the setting. I'm unsure but my sense is the crossfade will be applied even though it says none.


The magnifier is at the left.


If an earlier version of Toast was better for you with the crossfades then use it instead. Roxio rewrote Toast with 11.1 and then everybody was gone before there was much chance for users to report what wasn't working as well as before. The only changes we likely will see now are those necessary for the app to function with the current OS.


I was surprised you didn't mention the click or pop that is audible when previewing the crossfaded tracks in the main Toast window. That irritates a lot of users.


I'm sorry I cannot address these issues as a professional in audio editing. I'm just a layman.

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