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Changes Won't Save And Rear U-cards Can't Be Selected



When opening one of my many projects created in earlier versions of Label Creator, the text is misaligned. I fix it. Save it. Close it. When I re-open it, the text is STILL misaligned.


Also, When I go to print U-Cards, I cannot select the rear of the sheet. Only the front of the sheet will print.

As a "work-around", I print the front of the sheet, tear it off, snip off 1/16 inch off the front, then load the paper and print.


It also works much slower than previous versions, as if I have a RAM problem. I've tried to Remove and reinstall the program with no better result. I've used version 7, 7.5, and 8.0 on this same computer configuration so I know it's not my computer.


I have installed the 8.05 upgrade which changed nothing.


My computer uses a AMD 2200+ with 1.0 gig of RAM, and dual SCSI 160 harddrives.


Thanks in advance for your help,


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