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Slow Video Rendering When Burning A Blu-Ray Disc



I have a project that is 22GB. I started a burn to my hard drive last night at 8pm. When i got up this morning 9 hours later the process was only at 29%. The CPU usage was at 100% but memory usage was only about 30%. Are there any settings that I need to have to speed up the process? Another program that I have used would complete the entire rendering and writing in an hour or two.

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Without knowing a whole lot more about your project and your PC, there's no way we can even guess if what you're seeing is to be expected.


What's the length (in time) of your project? What is your source, HD video? What format? Are you applying any effects such as brightness or color correction?


What processor do you have, how fast is it? Are your source files on one drive, and your destination another physical drive, or all on the same? How full and or how fragmented are your drives?


What video card do you have? Is VideoWave set to do hardware or software encoding? (That's probably the biggest thing that may affect your encoding time.)


Are you using the native audio, or adding other audio? Any overlays? Have you tried disabling your anti-virus program? (It may be scanning the data as it's written.)


Lots and lots of details will help us guess at what may or may not be making it run that slow, and if it could be made faster.

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