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Plug In Installation Quagmire.

Will Percy


I really hope someone can help here because every other recourse is a dead end via smoke and mirrors.


I bought Toast 12 and the Blue Ray plug in from MacUpdate. I have a serial number for Toast 12 but not for the plugin. Both products are registered with Roxio on my Account page but I can't install the plug in without a serial number. The installer asks for a serial number for Toast 11 which I have never purchased. If I try to use Toast 12's serial number the 'Next' button is greyed out. Impasse.


Requests for help from MacUpdate directed me to Roxio's site. Even though both my purchases are registered here I can't get a Support code in order to contact Roxio's Technical Support. The process asks you to register to receive a support code via email. In order to register I have to trace my order number. There is no record of this with Roxio because, I assume, I bought the products from Macupdate.


If my products are registered here why haven't I been issued with a Support code?


Any help appreciated.


Will Percy

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The Blu-ray plugin is for both Toast 11 and Toast 12. I don't know if the registration process for the plugin changed with Toast 12 but the way it worked when I installed it was to enter a different registration key from that of Toast that was sent to me. Your purchase confirmation should have included a registration key. This is a Macupdate customer service issue.

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Thanks for responding.


Originally I said that MacUpdate's support message sent me to Roxio. I now think that this email was actually from some arm of the Roxio's operation.


We're sorry, the Sonic Solutions Online Store is unable to assist with

technical issues with the software you have purchased. To reach our

technical support team, please go to the following site:


URL: http://support.roxio.com/


For product information and technical support our support department now

requires all customers to create online accounts and register products

in order to access our online services. After you register, you will be

able to login and access the Sonic Solutions improved Knowledge Database

and send our technical support department email.


To register your product, please go to:




If you've already registered your product and require support, please go






Neither of the last two links work and as I said the products have already been registered with Roxio.


I'll try to get help from MacUpdate, but I still don't see why if as you indicate a separate serial number for the plug in is required, it doesn't appear alongside my registered items in my Roxio account.

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