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Nxt3 Does Not Recognise When The Browser Is Open



I have just downloaded and installed the latest version of Roxio Creator Nxt3 Pro, which is advertised as being able to record video from the internet. So far, it has failed spectacularly. When I click on the Web content, it asks me to open my browser, which is already open. If I start with the browser closed and then try, it still cannot see anything. I have seen others complaining about the same issue and they have not received any useful answers. I hope that I get something more sensible otherwise I will be looking to return this program and go for something more user friendly. I have been using Roxio in its many forms for many years, and this is the first time that it has failed so badly and so soon.


For your information, I am using a PC with plenty of free memory with a top quality graphics card


I await a useful answer to this problem.

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What application in NXT 3 are you using? Where are you trying to download from? Please post a link to a video that fails to download.


Remember there are some videos that are protected and cannot be downloaded.


Do you have an internet blocking application that might be interfering?


Sorry if not of the above is useful.

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Thank you. That seems to be working, so I will play with that for a while.


Just to tidy up all the problems, do you have any idea why Roxio does not seem to be able to see either of my two browsers? It seems silly that the facility is there but does not seem to work.


It has never worked reliability. Some put it down to changes made at YouTube and other on-line video sharing programs.

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If you use Firefox, it has an excellent downloader that works a lot better than anything Roxio, or other programs, to download video. I spent about 6 hours downloading videos from You Tube, then using Roxio VideoWave to extract audio, to put a lot of music on my iPod.


Aside: If you ever want to hear the most beautiful voice you have ever heard, listen to Eva Cassidy on You Tube. She was taken from our midst via Melanoma cancer at the age of 33, in 1996 or 1997. :(

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