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Things To Do To Get Best Quality Recording To Dvd





I've got a lot of stuff on my HD. This evening I've ordered an external HD to back up my stuff. I can then defragment the drive.

I was going to order a VHS video head cleaning tape. Though looking into this, think would be better to remove video player case and clean manually.


I'm going to tick two boxes under video enhancements.


Under preferences, I see render using hardware or software. I don't understand this, can someone please explain?


What things can I do to ensure the best quality of recording the video tape to DVD?




Ps my computer Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 4.00 GB RAM

CPU Pentium Dual Core 2.20GHz

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The biggest factor is to not use the 'Auto Fit' setting!


Also if you are outputting to a file or using the Record DVD portion, always push the Quality slider to BEST.


VHS tapes are only recorded at about 333 X 480. If you render at 720 X 480 (8mbps) you will persevere the original quality.


If you lower it, at all, you are degrading the original quality to do that!


Software render may take a bit longer but assures the highest quality... On the other hand, hardware might equal the quality but it depends on your Video Card. You can only test and decide, no easy answers ;)

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