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Roxiogamecap Hd Pro Not Working For Xbox360



So I bought the Roxio game cap hd pro but it says no signal in red when I try to record my xbox 360 and plus nothing will show up on the game cap screen or the tv

I tried recording on my friends ps4 using the Roxio and worked fine but doesn't work for my xbox360



I also tried component cables but they would record in black and white only


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no its not my computer because the Roxio works on a ps4 but not on a xbox360


Lets just re-cap what your problem is:


The Roxio hardware and software/computer work fine when using the PS4.


When using the Xbox it does not work.


We know the Roxio/computer are ok (PS4 works) that just leaves the Xbox unit or the settings are wrong. Get out your Xbox user manual and do some research on Video settings.

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If all you see if B/W you attached a Composite cable and not an Component cable ;)


You haven't really supplied any info other than you are using an Xbox 360.


I am curious how you hooked up a PS4 with Component since the only come with HDMI? Sure it wasn't a PS3?


Follow THIS so we know what you have.

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You are showing a Red 'No Signal', means nothing valid is going into the RGC Device...


The problem is Before the RGC and that is what needs to be fixed!


Likely you need to change the settings in your Xbox to a specific output and never use Auto.


You never supplied the information I asked for :(

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